Two Croydon colleges have merged into one new organisation in an effort to enhance their services.

Croydon College and Coulsdon Sixth Form College will continue to operate under their own separate identities but, by sharing ideas and facilities, they hope to improve performances and results across both.

The organisation hopes the merger will provide greater financial stability.

Gordon Smith, Chair of Governors, Croydon College, said: “We are determined to continue to provide the very best education offer that we can.

"We are committed to working hard with our partners and stakeholders to ensure that both Coulsdon Sixth Form College and Croydon College contribute fully to the economic and social prospects of the borough and the community we serve.

“Our newly merged College, with its Sixth Form campus in Coulsdon, and its FE and University Centre campus in central Croydon, will provide an unmatched range of academic, vocational, degree level, training and apprenticeships in Croydon to meet the needs of the community and employers.

“This move will accelerate our journey from Good to Great, enhancing the quality of our students’ experience by learning from and with each other”

Coulsdon will continue as a Sixth Form College, providing A Level and vocational qualifications for 16-19 year olds, while Croydon College will continue to provide a broader Further and Higher Education offer, aimed at those aged 16 and above.

Following the merger, between them the two Colleges will help train and educate over 2,500 students aged between 16-19 and 4,000 adults each year including approximately 500 apprentices and 400 Higher Education students.