New safety measures could be installed in a Cheam road which has been described as a “black spot” following several accidents and near misses across recent years.

Fresh calls emerged last year when a driver was hospitalised following a car crash in Lumley Road on a Thursday morning in May.

One of the vehicles involved rolled onto its roof following the collision while a driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries, according to emergency services.

While a camera is now being installed to monitor the ongoing situation, Lumley Road resident Poonam Patel is pleased with the news but fears it “might be a waste of time”.

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She said: “It helps in some way but I just don't understand what this camera is going to do. What impact is that going to have, what are they going to use that information to do?

“Obviously we get the leaflets through from the Conservative party to say they're meeting up with TfL to discuss plans, et cetera.

“But it's not enough.

“What we've got, whatever information we've had, is from the Conservative party. Telling us that they're meeting up with them and this is what they're looking to do, et cetera, but nothing directly from TfL themselves.

“I just hope that the camera being put in place is not just a way of keeping us quiet because that's not going to work.”

READ: Fresh road safety calls emerge after Lumley Road car crash

Ms Patel, who has lived in Lumley Road for more than 20 years, believes the number of road traffic collisions recorded would already indicate there’s a need for safety measures.

Some residents are suggesting a ‘no right turn’ sign from the A217 coming into Lumley Road alongside more robust speed bumps.

TfL is installing a new camera at the junction of Lumley Road and the A217 for video surveys and, after a few months, the findings will be reported.

In an open letter by Conservative Cheam councillors Elliot Colburn, Eric Allen and Holly Ramsey, they said: “We are pleased that, following our intervention, they [TfL] have agreed to take this issue seriously and we look forward to hearing their report.

“We have also asked if there is a weight limit for vehicles on Lumley Road, which there aren’t at this stage.

“However, the council are trialling a new automatic camera enforcement system in Beddington, and if it proves worthwhile, may be looking for other places to install it.”

A TfL spokesman said they are aware of the concerns around the junction, adding: “Following a site visit with councillors, we will be installing a camera to monitor the junction and assess what improvements could be made.

“We are committed to our Vision Zero approach - to eliminate deaths and serious injuries from London's roads and will continue to work with Sutton [Council] to reduce road danger across the borough.”