Public artworks exploring the issues of gender and power are being displayed in Wandsworth.

Martin Firrell’s work give voice to women and men’s perspectives, posing the question of whether they hold and use power differently from each other.

The billboards can be seen in Clapham, Balham, Tooting and Wandsworth.

Firrell, a French artist, said: "I believe men and woman regard power differently and I want to ‘open up the layers of that difference’ in front of the public.

“My residency with Clear Channel makes that possible. If you can create debate, eventually change will follow.”

The project is the result of a partnership with Clear Channel UK, an out of home media owner.

Clear Channel CEO, Justin Cochrane, says “Clear Channel’s national digital network of screens is uniquely positioned as the perfect “art gallery” to broadcast Martin’s thought-provoking work.

“We’re proud to be supporting this project that opens up public conversation on progressiveness and promotes Fairness – one of Clear Channel’s core values.”

The works are on display until March 8.