Kids fed up with watching their mums and dads enjoying playing in Croydon ball pits have moaned so much they are finally been allowed to join in the fun.

Until now frustrated kids had to stay on the sidelines as adults frolicked in two giant ball pits at Croydon's Fun House.

But pester power has won the day and those over eight can now dive in too - but 'little ones' are still barred over fears they could get lost in the 20,000 balls.

The wacky cocktail bar shares the same name as popular children's TV game show Fun House from the 80s.

Around 25,000 adults have visited the cocktail bar which includes gaming rooms with glow in the dark ceilings decorated with psychedelic artwork.

Fun House manager Jasmine Roofey said: "I have a seven-year-old son and he's desperate to turn eight so he can have his birthday here.

"All the adults transform into big kids the moment they walk through the door.

"But children keep asking their parents if they can play in the ball pits too and we've had lots of people enquiring for children's parties.

"As we are an over 18s venue, we had to think about how to work it.

"The age restriction is for safety reasons as smaller children could get lost in the balls as it's not shallow enough for the little ones."

The ball pit opened in December and children can now visit the venue during its new 'Mini Ballerz' birthday party events.

Children aged between eight and 16 will have unlimited access to ping pong, pool and the two huge ball pools between 1pm and 3pm.

But from 4pm, the venue transforms into an adult play house where visitors also have access to its two bars, beer ping pong tables and board games and buckets of food and sweet cocktails.

Jasmine, 28, said: "It's so fun and wacky inside, no wonder its popular among the kids.

"It has been amazing, it really has been fantastic and it's such a nice vibe - people just let go of their inhibitions and let out their inner child once they get inside.

"I see people are just shocked and really wowed when they see the ball pits and it will be great for children to enjoy too."

A 6ft shiny red stiletto sits in the front window of the Fun House while psychedelic artwork decorates the entry hall reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.

Freestanding multicoloured lollipops are stood in one of venue's two indoor bars and a red London phone box decorates the outdoor rose garden which guests pose with for selfies.