A mother and daughter living in Whitton are living in fear in their Richmond Housing Partnership property.

Tatiana Herdman, 41, from Brazil, and her daughter, Livia, 18, share a flat together but say they have been issued multiple death threats and had bricks thrown through their front window.

They said bricks had been thrown through the window of Livia's bedroom by a masked man on a moped, leaving her covered in glass fragments.

Tatiana's partner Luke has had acid thrown at him and been attacked at knife point.

Your Local Guardian:

Screen grab from video of someone throwing a brick at the house. Tatiana and Livia moved to Whitton from Brazil (left bottom) and have been forced to board up their windows due to the attacks.

Tatiana said: "RHP refuse to move us, even with all this abuse that is driving us to mental health problems. On top of that they won't fix anything.

"We have been living in horrible conditions and local gangs are abusing our life. They moved someone in next door who was in prison for 16 years."

Tatiana also said there are a number of drug dealers in the area, who are targetting her house. They are apparently throwing needles and rubbish into the garden.

"RHP refuse to put a protective fence up. We have had to put cameras up. They are making our life hell," she added.

Her partner, Luke, added: "Apparently they won't move my daughter and wife because of my criminal past. They are using me as a scapegoat. I have had a blade pulled out on me by the neighbour, my family do not feel safe and no one is doing anything about it.

"Livia suffers from mental health problems, and these are getting worse because of the ongoing violent attacks on the house."

Your Local Guardian:

Luke had the window of his van smashed in.

The family has been forced to board up their front windows, after continuous threats to their home.

A spokesperson for RHP said: “We take our customers’ safety very seriously. As this is a sensitive case we can’t go into detail however all the appropriate steps have been taken by RHP and other agencies to ensure the safety of this customer. We continue to have regular contact and we’re doing everything we can to support them at this time.”