Academy Award winner Vanessa Redgrave will perform a work-in-progress play at the Rose Theatre in Kingston over three nights from Thursday (February 7).

The play is called Vienna 1934 - Munich 1938 (A Work In Progress).

A short synopsis posted to the Rose Theatre website said that the play examined the relationship between Ms Redgrave's father Michael Redgrave (1908-1985) and the poet Stephen Spender, set against the darkening geo-political backdrop of central Europe during the 1930s.

The Rose Theatre's synopsis read: "As Stephen's love and respect for a young American woman studying psychology in Vienna grew deeper, he and his secretary Tony Hyndman tried to assist her in obtaining false visas and passports for socialist Jews and their families to escape from fascist Austria."

Ms Redgrave, who wrote the play, will be joined on stage for the unique performances by Daisy Bevan, Robert Boulter and Paul Hilton.

The three public stagings will show the work in its current stage of development following two weeks of workshop rehearsal.

The Rose Theatre will also follow up on Redgrave's new play by hosting An Evening With Vanessa Redgrave on Saturday (February 9), where she will be joined by Notting Hill Director Roger Michell.

Ms Redgrave has an exhaustive acting resume across both the stage and theatre.

A six-time Oscsar nominee, she won the highly prestigious Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress playing the title role in Julia (1977), in which she played a German murdered by the Nazis for anti-fascist activism in the run-up to the Second World War.

More recent silver-screen appearances included her roles in Girl, Interrupted (1999), Atonement (2007) and The Butler (2013).

Ms Redgrave is also well known for her political activism and progressive politics.

She was an active member of the Committee Of 100 peace activist group during the Cold War whose members also included Bertrand Russel. Ms Redgrave is an outspoken critic of the War On Terror and an advocate of the Palestinian cause. More recently she has championed the rights of refugees in the Mediterranean.

Vienna 1934 - Munich 1938 is at the Rose theatre, Kingston from February 7-9.