The grieving mother of teenager stabbed to death five minutes' walk from Prince George, Battersea says he was a "lovely son" who was "turning his life around".

Lavern Joseph paid tribute to her son Lejean Richards, 19, who died being carried to their family home in Wolsey Court after being fatally stabbed on Tuesday night.

She said: "Lejean was a loving son and brother, a young man determined to turn his life around.

"He will be sorely grieved by his family and friends and all that knew him."

Lejean worked as a delivery driver for his local Domino's takeaway and planned to return to college after a stint in jail.

He supported his mother, who worked full time, and his 14-year-old sister, Tiara.

A witness said she saw him being carried to his mother's flat last night.

She said: "His two friends brought him down that alleyway and they were blowing in his mouth.

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"They carried him down there. And all the police came and they were on the floor pumping on his chest. There were dozens of people."

Floral tributes have been laid at the door of Lavern's best friend's home, the closest spot outside the police cordon.

A 72-year-old retired electrician, who has lived in the area for many years, blamed the murder on the closure of a police station just a few hundred yards from the scene.

The former Wandsworth Police Station front counter was closed in December 2017.

The man, who has lived in the area for 20 years, said the station was turned into plush flats, and added: "It did make a difference.

"It would have made a big difference to the murder."

A close friend of Lejean's family said: "He did have a criminal past and he was turning things around.

"I used to look after him. I was a role model to him.

"It's a tragedy that he couldn't see that through."

He said Lejean turned away from a life of crime after a stint in prison.

The man added: "He just wanted to support his family and look after his little sister.

"I'm grieving. It always happens to people in the part of their lives when they are just on the right track."

London mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted: 'Heartbreaking to hear of the death of a young man in Battersea. My thoughts tonight are with his family and friends.

'I'm in close contact with @MetPoliceUK - who are urging witnesses, or anyone with information, to come forward by calling 101 or @CrimestoppersUK anonymously.'

Battersea MP Marsha de Condrova tweeted: "Yesterday evening a young man died from stab wounds on the Surrey Lane Estate in Battersea.

"I am devastated by this loss of life. We cannot allow this to continue happening."