Beaumont Primary School has been rated the best in Croydon for the second year running.

Headteacher Anne Morrell, who took on the role in January after more than 13 years at the school, said: “It is a challenge to maintain the standards but it is exciting to be involved in such a high performing school.

“We’ve already had nearly 350 prospective pupils looking around for our reception places in September.

“It is a huge advantage being appointed from within because I know all the community and I know how we’ve got here and what we need to do to maintain it.”

She said team work is the secret to the school’s success.

“We are a really strong, supportive team across the board.

“We have a common aim to provide the best for every child and to give them every opportunity to achieve their full potential,” she said.

Six-year-old Zayn Sanoj was taking part in a phonics lesson when we visited the school.

He said: “I like when we do art and English – sometimes we do fun stories.

“In maths I like doing halves and quarters.”

The school also has a head boy and girl who both said they like the choices Beaumont offers them.

Georgia Burton, 11, said: “We get to choose our lunches and every so often we will have a vote to say what sort of things we want to see.”

Head boy Indra Joy, also 11, added: “If we are doing PE we have a lot of stations around and we have groups doing different things.”

He said he thinks Beaumont is different from other primary schools.

“It makes sure we can be the best we can be,” agreed Georgia.