It is an issue that has divided a community for nearly three years now, but one man doesn't see what all the fuss is about.

In 2017 and 2018, Eastern Electrics has brought its drum and bass to Morden Park, to the delight of some and fury of others.

But whether or not it comes back for a third year is up in the air.

Concerns were raised by protesters who believe that festival goers will drink, take drugs, urinate and vomit outside homes.

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Pippa Maslin lives in the Hatfield Mead estate and described “unacceptable noise level” and “foul language from performers” at last year’s event.

The Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Mitcham and Morden in 2020, said: “As someone who lives just over the road from the park, and loves its thriving wildlife and the tranquillity of the space, the prospect of future Eastern Electrics festivals, with a third day and increased capacity, angers me deeply.”

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These concerns were heard at a council meeting last week, where a decision was expected to be made on whether or not to allow the festival to go ahead.

After more than five hours of discussions, the decision had to be postponed and is now expected to be made later this week.

But should the festival go ahead, Mitcham man David Ailing, 54, will be heading along and says others should as well.

"I could have gone the first year it came, but didn't because I thought I was too old," he said.

"But last year I ended up going and it was a brilliant time.

"I never saw people falling all over themselves so I don't believe that argument."

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Apart from having a good time, Mr Ailing thinks the festival is good for the community as a whole.

"It is generating business, which the shops around here need," he added.

"We have festivals in Streatham Common and Clapham, why can't we have something in Merton?

"Everyone thinks it's just full of youngsters, but there are a lot of people my age and this year I'll be taking my wife along.

"As long as I can walk, I'll go."

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In 2017 the police recorded three thefts, one sexual assault, and five calls to police regarding anti social behaviour (ASB) but there were no arrests.

Last year there were nine calls to the police regarding ASB, eight thefts recorded, one assault and one drugs offence recorded.

There were also three arrests for possession of drugs with intent to supply and an arrest of a man wanted for burglary.