An annual celebration of music, arts and dance is returning to Wimbledon for another year.

This will be the third year that the Festival of Joy and Happiness has hit town, and the free-for-all event is part of the worship for the Hindu mythical goddess of arts and knowledge, Saraswati Puja.

Running from 5pm to 9pm on February 10, the event will be curated by Indian classical vocalist Srimati Chandra Chakraborty.

The festival will also feature Chakraborty's three senior disciples Anuja Pradhan, Satarupa Ghosh and Dr Priya Bhagwat along with a rendition of Bharatnatyam dance by Sharmishtha Pandit and poetry reading by an Argentine poet Gaby Sambuccetti, Urdu poet Jenumz Naqvi and Ayub Aulia.   

Musical promoters Saudha is hosting the event and its director, Ahmed Kaysher, said: ''The festival is shaping as a true community event in Wimbledon with an ver-flowing attendance from South Asian, Latin American, African, European and almost every cultural community.

"The event was hugely successful last two years in terms of our aim to create new audience of classical music and other art forms through community festival.

''Apart from the devotional side of the event, this helps us introduce the ordinary audiences with the post-modern presentations of art and music we work on.

"We are expecting to have a larger participation from the local community this year, too.''

The group also highlighted Tagore's session which they say "entails devotional compositions of Tagore, the first Nobel laureate in literature from the East by a prominent Tagore singer Dr Imtiaz Ahmed and his group  Anadadhara."

The festival will take place at Merton Arts Space, and to register click here.