If, like us, you are prone to falling over, the freezing conditions are probably giving you a fair amount of anxiety about now.

With a yellow weather warning still in place over London and snow predicted this afternoon, it might be time to learn to walk like a penguin.

Last year, the German Society of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery put out detailed instructions on how to avoid a tumble in the bad weather.

A drawing explained that when humans walk they normally split their body weight almost evenly over both legs.

However, this apparently only increases the risk of someone taking a topple.

How to walk like a penguin...

Spread your feet out whilst walking on slippery surfaces to increase your centre of gravity.

Try and bend slightly and walk with short, flat-footed steps.

Wear sensible shoes - you will fall over if you decide heels are LIFE and no one will give you any sympathy.

Extend your arms to the side to keep balanced.

Keep your knees loose.

With the slippery conditions being made worse by below-freezing temperatures, we advise you to get the wellies or walking boots out and to take your time.