A Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) student has had the opportunity to have her photograph displayed in an exhibition, after taking part in a photography program.

Ashleigh Beugre-Joncourt took part in the ten week Dazed+Labs photography programme, organised by Dazed & Confused and Red Hook Labs.

The scheme taught nine students from across London various stages in photography, from shooting and developing to printing. Classes were co-led by photographer Eddie Otchere.

At the end of the ten weeks, the students displayed their artwork at an exhibition in a west London youth centre.

Miss Beugre-Joncourt said: “I learned about developing film, using the darkroom and different cameras. I was inspired by Eddie Otchere as he made me fall in love with film cameras.

“I decided to go to my park next door and play around with my film camera and I saw this pink rose in the middle of dead dried leaves.

I decided to shoot that shot and the programme really liked it and used it in my exhibition, which has given me experience in planning exhibitions and how I want my work to be seen.”

Her art and design lecturer at RuTC, Christina Button, said: “Ashleigh’s photo demonstrates a sensitive use of macro photography and a striking contrast of light and colour.

“Dazed+Labs have provided a very rare and valuable experience for young people that will advantage both their creative studies and potential future careers.

“I look forward to seeing more photography projects from them in the future.”