Sutton’s top colleges and sixth forms based on A Level results in 2018 have been revealed by the Government.

Released by the Department for Education (DfE) on January 24, new figures show how pupils aged between 16 and 18 performed in their exams last year.

One category shows schools' average grades among all students entered into their A Level exams alongside their point score.

The DfE gives a points value to all qualifications so that you can “compare qualifications of a different size and grading system”.

They base the number of points on the “challenge and size of a qualification”, with a maximum of 60 available for a grade A* at A Level.

The average point score across all schools and colleges is 33.33, and the average grade is C+.

Sutton’s averages are higher than the national average, with a point score of 38.61 and grade at B.

Nonsuch High School for Girls entered the highest number of students among colleges and sixth forms, at 194, while six entered fewer than 100.

The John Fisher School, Carshalton High School for Girls, Carshalton Boys Sports College, Stanley Park High, Sutton High School and Focus School's Kenley and Carshalton campus all had fewer than 100 pupils sitting A Level exams in 2018, according to the DfE's data.

Focus School’s Kenley and Carshalton Campus had the fewest at 18.

Below is a list of all Sutton schools and colleges, with their average point score for 2018 and grade average among all students entered.

Government-labelled “special schools” have been omitted.

1. Wilson’s School – 49.8 (A)

2. Sutton Grammar School – 46.32 (A-)

3. Wallington County Grammar School – 43.97 (B+)

4. Nonsuch High School for Girls – 43.87 (B+)

5. Wallington High School for Girls – 43.55 (B+)

6. Sutton High School* – 40.43 (B)

7. Carshalton Boys Sports College – 33.96 (C+)

8. Greenshaw High School – 33.82 (C+)

9. The John Fisher School – 32.34 (C+)

10. St Philomena’s Catholic High School for Girls – 31.76 (C+)

11. Carshalton High School for Girls – 30.92 (C)

12. Cheam High School – 30.92 (C)

13. Glenthorne High School – 30.37 (C)

14. Overton Grange School – 27.23 (C-)

15. Stanley Park High – 18.08 (D-)

16. Focus School – Kenley & Carshalton Campus* – 18 (D-)

* = Independent school