The second phase of a major borough-wide parking consultation is underway as it extends to other parts of Sutton.

The consultation is now open to residents in the south and southwest of Sutton – in Belmont, south Carshalton and Cheam - as it progresses through the first stage.

Open until March 3, Sutton Council is now asking those who received letters from January 16 onwards about parking in their street to voice their views.

The first phase was open to those in the north of Sutton.

It comes after concerns were raised over whether residents were receiving the letters being sent out and difficulty in accessing the council’s website.

Sandra Ackland, founder of the Controlled Parking Residents Forum on Facebook, which has just under 2,500 members, felt it should’ve been halted in its first phase.

The consultation deadline was meant for December 6 before being pushed back December 30.

While it is a contentious issue at the moment, the scheme has support on both sides – in support and against.

Your Local Guardian:

The stages of the parking consultation

Cllr Manuel Abellan, chair of the council’s environment and neighbourhood committee, said: “Residents have told us that parking is one of their main concerns and as a result we are consulting to find the best possible solutions for streets across the borough.

“This stage of the Parking Consultation is vital to helping the council understand whether or not residents have difficulty parking and whether or not new restrictions need to be designed so we would encourage as many people as possible to have their say.”

The council says it will continue to rollout parking consultation surveys to other streets across Sutton this year.

You can find more information, and complete the current stage of the parking consultation survey, by clicking here.