Carshalton Central Councillor Paul Scully, whose father was from Burma, joined hundreds of people in London, to protest against the country's brutal military rule.

Across Burma thousands of Buddhist monks have marched in peaceful protest against the country's dictatorship.

The regime responded with a violent crackdown, beating and arresting hundreds of people and reportedly killed at least 200.

Coun Scully's father came to England from the former Burmese capital of Rangoon in 1952, aged 18 to forge a new life.

He secured an apprenticeship in the Glasgow shipyards and went on to enjoy a successful career as a chartered engineer before his death in 1989 from asbestosis.

Since the fighting started, Coun Scully's aunt has been in contact with family in Rangoon.

The protest in London gave Coun Scully the chance to add voice his own concern.

"The protest was both moving and inspirational," he said. "I stood in awe at the passion and conviction of those who attended.

"The UN has shown to be impotent, Britain should push the EU. Burma is a small, secretive county and the protest helps to highlight the awful situation there.

"If a few hundred people in Sutton are made aware of the situation and some are moved to actively support the campaign, then this has to be a good thing."

Coun Scully is now urging Sutton residents to visit the Burma Campaign UK website at burma, or to write to their MPs asking for the Foreign Secretary to push the EU and the UN Security Council for tougher action and show a willingness to take a strong line.