Two months after Wimbledon residents were shocked to find 'poisonous' chicken pieces scattered around town, it seems that the trend hasn't slowed down.

But one group is doing all they can to make sure pet owners are kept in the loop and safe from danger.

Erin Yurday is one of a few people who have been documenting the "near-daily chicken sightings" since December 1.

"We are tracking sightings as reported on and directly to us by concerned local residents in a map and table below," she said.


"Orange pins represent sites where chicken was left on multiple days; blue pins represent locations where chicken was reportedly left one time.

"Some pins are approximate locations. There are likely additional places where chicken was left of which we are not aware."

The chicken is frequently a mix of wings, thighs and breasts, both cooked and raw.

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JR Versace is one of many pet owners concerned about the string of sightings, ever since three foxes were found dead, soon after the chicken pieces first started to appear.

“I am completely shocked at the amount of chicken being left all over Wimbledon, especially the amount that is being left outside our home daily," he said.

"Every morning I have to remove a bag of this chicken just to protect my dogs and the foxes.

"To think people are willing to take the time in going around and dumping chicken is beyond me.

"I am not sure what their intentions are - is it to hurt the foxes or our dogs? This needs to stop as it’s dangerous for the foxes and especially our four legged companions.

"No animal should suffer because of these individuals.”

The RSPCA said they are looking into the reports and urged anyone with information to contact the cruelty line on 0300 1234 999."

To keep up to date on any future sightings, click here to view Ms Yurday's blog