Elderly Prince Philip crashed his car after, according to a witness who overheard him talking to police, he was dazzled by the sun.

At this time of the year, the glare of the low-lying sun can make it more tricky for drivers.

Twenty-five people were killed in crashes on Britain's roads in 2017 when a driver dazzled by the sun was a contributory factor, according to Department for Transport data.

A further 3,146 were injured, including 484 who were seriously injured.

Here is how you can avoid having the same problem:

So what can you do to keep safe according to the RAC?

Just because it is winter, this doesn't mean you should have packed the sunglasses away. A good pair of sunglasses will help massively.

Headlights should be switched on when driving just before sunset or shortly after sunrise. Keeping them on until the light level is at its highest helps increase a vehicle's visibility to other road users.

Sun entering a car through its rear window can dazzle drivers in their interior mirror. Keeping them dipped when light is too intense can help to avoid potential hazards. Drivers should look over their shoulders to see vehicles in their blind spots.

A clean windscreen will prevent the dangers of dirt blocking a driver's vision. Motorists should make sure their windscreen washer levels are topped up so they can wash away any unwanted grime.

The Duke of Edinburgh, 97, is recovering after the car crash that left him "very shocked" and shaken but unhurt.