Concerns have been raised after two mobile giants announced plans to install a new telephone mast in Cheam.

Vodafone and Telefónica, which owns O2, have alerted councillors to proposals to install the 12.5m structure a footway on the northern site of Tilehurst Road.

The two will team up on the project and, if agreed, then it would be overseen by their “joint venture company” Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd (CTIL) – which they both own.

They say it’d help “pool” their basic network infrastructure while running two separate nationwide networks and “significantly reduce” the environmental impact of network development.

While proposals has not yet been submitted, as it's still in the pre-application stage, Cheam councillor Elliot Colburn has expressed concerns after being informed by the telecommunication companies.

Tilehurst Road, near to Kingsdown Road, where the telephone mast could be installed. Photo: Google Maps / Street View

He said: “I have concerns, especially as the mast will be substantially higher than the surrounding trees, so I don't really see how it will be hidden from the view of the neighbouring homes. However, I do know people have struggled with coverage in the area.

"We are urging residents to have their say, so please get in touch with your views."

The telecommunication giants have announced their preferred options after contacting councillors.

They want to install a 12.5m-high dual user street pole radio base station, housing six antennas, alongside a radio equipment cabinet that has seven antennas next to the pole.

It would be “specifically sited so that it is situated away from residential viewpoints, given their orientation within the street scene”, the letter adds.

They also insist the height of the proposed installation has been kept to a “technical minimum”.

Vodafone and Telefónica have had a merged network infrastructure across the United Kingdom since announcing the move in 2012.