Following the success of BAFTA nominated The Favourite, costumes worn during filming at Hampton Court Palace will be going on display.

The palace was once a retreat for Queen Anne and her court and the producers thought it was only appropriate to film the new star-studded Queen Anne film there.

The first period film from director Yorgos Lanthimos explores Queen Anne’s intimate relations with her life-long friend and political advisor Lady Sarah Churchill, and Sarah’s impoverished cousin turned chambermaid Abigail.

Starring Olivia Colman in a Golden Globe winning performance as Queen Anne, alongside Emma Stone (Abigail Hill) and Rachel Weisz (Sarah Churchill), the film charts the ruthless rivalry between Sarah and Abigail as they vie for the Queen’s favour and the all-important power conferred by capturing the affections of the monarch.

Inspiring the on-camera action, Queen Anne resided at Hampton Court throughout her reign, and took a keen interest in improvements to the palace, including a remodelling of the Chapel Royal and the redecoration of the Queen’s Drawing Room, both of which visitors can still see today.

Sarah Churchill and Abigail Hill were also given a suite of rooms at the palace, which allowed them close access to Anne’s private apartments nearby.

On screen, the film’s costumes have been designed by three-time Oscar winning costume designer Sandy Powell, who has worked with Fox Searchlight Pictures and Historic Royal Palaces – the independent charity which cares for Hampton Court Palace – on creating a display in the Cartoon Gallery, which eagle-eyed viewers will be able to spot throughout the film.

A specially curated exhibit will showcase Powell’s "bold visual approach" to evoking court fashions on screen.

Taking inspiration from 18th century silhouettes, visitors will be able to discover how Powell and her team experimented with colour, fabric and design to create a stylized look that combines denim, laser-cut vinyl and even African prints.

Each costume will be complemented by quotes from Powell, alongside historic context provided by Historic Royal Palaces curator Matthew Storey to help visitors uncover the fascinating story of Anne’s reign.

The costumes will be displayed in the State Apartments from January 17.