Happy New Year, Wimbledon. What a wonderful start it has been to 2019.

A time to slow down after the manic Christmas rush, claim our homes back from the tinsel and pine needles, whilst anticipating a few spring flowers that seem to be enjoying this temporary mild weather.

I genuinely loved the long Christmas with my three children. We took long walks across the common, into the woods and even as far as Richmond Park. However, after two weeks of Monopoly, too many mince pies and a few spontaneous children’s parties, I admittedly skipped out of the school gates yesterday knowing we were all ready to enjoy our own worlds until we meet again at pick up.

First things first, two weeks off from the glamorous life of PR, my nails are shocking, brows are bushy and skin is a shadow of its former self.

I am thrilled Wimbledon is now home to an array of skin specialists, from NewLife Aesthetics in Raynes Park, to Skinsmiths on Ridgeway who are both offering a variety of facial detox treatments.

I can’t wait for Lulu Blonde to trim my scraggly hair and with a fashion photo shoot with the Daily Mail tomorrow, Ely’s is calling me to update my wardrobe. Walking down Wimbledon Village to my office, I realised how much effort every high street in Merton had made with the Christmas lights.

The Ivy Cafe on the corner of the Village certainly made an impact and I look forward to my first invitation of the year to meet their new General Manager with a handful of guests in their private dining room on Monday evening.

Today, I am trying to embrace the whole ‘wellness’ obsession that takes over January’s mental state.

My body is cross that I have taken a month away from The Pilates Clinic in Wimbledon and there is no doubt I will continue my commitment to weekly private sessions with the founder Lisa Lamberti.

Just this morning Centre Court Shops invited me to experience Nuffield Health, who will be bringing their Personal Trainers to the shopping centre next week, in hope of encouraging shoppers to improve their 2019 fitness goals.

I’ve also promised myself to embrace the heated and tranquil outdoor pool at David Lloyd Clubs Raynes Park before work each morning. It’s the freezing walk from the changing rooms to the outdoor pool that makes me think twice, but when I’m brave enough, I absolutely love it and will continue to encourage my team to join me. For now, much to my team’s relief, we will continue to begin our week with a meeting at Cannizaro House.

The glorious view with a dozen coffees is enough to put us all in the right frame of mind and prepared for unexpected announcements from the boss that next week will be in an outdoor pool.

Wimbledon is glorious in the winter sun and long may it continue. If January begins to bite, I wish you warmth and a chance to look after those who hesitate to embark on journeys outside their homes.