A team of volunteers from Thames Water helped protect a woodland habitat in Croydon last month.

Coarse grass and scrubs were cleared from the overgrown grassland by a group of ten staff so wildlife can continue to thrive in the area, which is home to 28 butterfly species.

Hutchinson’s Bank, a London Wildlife Trust nature reserve, is a large area of internationally important chalk grassland, which has suffered in recent years due to suburban development, invasive species and changing farming methods - grazing sheep had previously helped manage the overgrowth.

Stephanie Beckley, Thames Water’s change and continuous improvement manager for South London, said: “As Thames Water employees we want to do our bit for the environment, so we’re proud to be part of the project to maintain Hutchinson’s bank for future generations to enjoy. The area is home to a wide variety of rare plants and it’s a butterfly spotter’s paradise!”

Thames Water volunteers

The ‘Time to Give’ scheme gives staff an opportunity to take part in community projects to benefit of both the environment and its customers.

Thames Water’s business plan for 2020-25 includes an additional £1.1 billion for activities that will protect and enhance the environment, as part of an industry-leading £11.7bn investment programme.

The company will continue to work with Croydon Council to offer support for future schemes in the region.