A man has been put behind bars after stabbing a man three times in the heart, lungs and leg outside Sainsbury’s in West Molesey last summer.

Rudi Brooks, 23, of High Street in Thames Ditton, was jailed for 14 years after the jury heard evidence in a three-day trial at Kingston Crown Court.

Brooks pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder and wounding with intent and was found guilty of wounding with intent on Tuesday, January 8.

The victim later said the attack had a “major impact” on is life, including partial sight loss in his right eye.

Just after 11pm on July 8 of last year, police received a 999 call from a man reporting a stabbing outside the Sainsbury’s on Walton Road.

When officers arrived at the scene, a man in critical condition was receiving first aid treatment from a member of the public and was slipping in and out of consciousness.

CCTV later revealed a silver Mercedes pulled into the car park where the victim was sat in his own car with some friends.

Brooks got out of the Mercedes, walked up to the victim’s car door, opened it and stabbed him three times.

Brooks’s victim was taken to St. George’s hospital in Tooting by the Air Ambulance Service where he underwent emergency surgery.

The victim’s impact statement, which was read in court, stated: “Since being discharged from hospital I have had to make several trips to various hospitals for different reasons.

“I still suffer with my stab injuries. The wounds have healed but there are large scars across my body that are a daily reminder of what happened to me.

“What has had a major impact on my life is the fact that I have partially lost the sight in my right eye. I have been having treatment for this but at the moment the medical people do not know if they can save my eyesight.”

Detective Inspector Alison Green of North Surrey CID said the victim was “incredibly lucky to be alive today.”

She added: “His heart stopped twice and if it wasn’t for the amazing work from the first responders then we could have been looking at a murder trial instead of attempted murder.

“This was not a random act of violence, it was a targeted attack by Brooks against the victim after they’d had an argument earlier that day. Brooks was ruthless and callous in his actions that night they will have a lifelong impact on the victim and witnesses.

“I’d like to commend the victim for his bravery throughout the trial, having to relive this extremely traumatic incident was not easy. I hope the verdict and the work of the investigating team will help him start to move on and put this behind him.”