The LDA has reneged on its promise that the public would have the chance to see the Crystal Palace Park masterplan and would listen to their views before submitting it to Bromley Council.

For many months its website assured people planners would make final changes to the plan after the public exhibition which will take place at Crystal Palace Park Station from October 18 to 31.

But when this newspaper rang the LDA this week to make sure this would happen an LDA spokesman claimed the statement on its website was "a mistake". The website has since been changed.

The spokesman announced that the LDA's consultation has now ended but people can give feedback to Bromley Council once the plans have been submitted in a planning application later this month.

Upper Norwood Councillor Pat Ryan said he believed the LDA had carried out a complex consultation but "should have walked the last couple of yards and let people voice their opinions before submitting the masterplan".

"If it was on the website it should be honoured", he added.

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