More than £700 has been raised after the elderly victim of a reported theft had her purse stolen which contained both her Christmas and pension money.

The incident happened at around 3.30pm on Wednesday (December 19) when she withdrew funds from the Post Office before heading to Morrisons in Sutton High Street.

But it was when she sat down in the supermarket to have a cup of tea her bag was allegedly “snatched”, containing approximately £200 at the time.

Devastated, she told other shoppers inside before her purse was found in the trolley park of the supermarket – with all the money in it having disappeared.

Police officers soon arrived and took down details of the incident.

A GoFundMe page would be set up in a bid to help replace the money she had lost, with a target set at £200.

But generous donations mean that have more than doubled to £720 at the time of publishing.

Now the money is scheduled to be given to her following an appeal which was shared around on social media so people could donate if they wished to.

Well-wishers have also left messages on the fundraising page.

One user wrote: “Poor woman, hope she has a great Christmas and this restores her faith a little bit in people and her community.

“Merry Christmas to her.”

Another commented: “Hope she has a fab Christmas, and well done everyone who has donated.

“No matter how big or small, it all counts.”

Another user said he doesn’t have any money but offered to do shopping for her or sit down and have a chat, before adding: “The simple things in life are the most precious, just hope she isn’t traumatised by the incident.

“Hope she has an amazing Christmas with the money all these wonderful people have donated.”

A Scotland Yard spokesman said police were called to a stop on Sutton High Street following reports an “elderly customer’s bag had been stolen”.

Officers arrived and spoke with the victim but no arrests have been made as enquiries remain underway.

Morrisons has been contacted for comment.