Crooks stole drugs from an ambulance while its crew attended to a patient.

Medical equipment and a satellite navigation system were also taken while ambulance staff called at a house in Bourneside Road, Addlestone.

The dangerous drugs included GTN spray, which can cause black outs and cerebral bleeds if used incorrectly. It is also explosive.

Diabetes drugs Glucagon and Hyperstop were snatched and Atrovent in a plastic cylinder, which can be life-threatening if used with oxygen.

Liquid Salbutamol, used to treat breathing problems, was stolen, and can cause heart problems if the person taking it is drunk.

Aspirin tablets also went missing and two blood pressure kits and oxygen masks were among the equipment taken.

The incident happened on Monday between 6.15pm and 6.30pm and police urge the culprits to hand the items over to police.