The Mayor of London has said he is likely to raise council tax by the maximum amount he is allowed next year to help pay for policing.

It would be the second year in a row Sadiq Khan has opted for the biggest tax hike available to him.

He said he felt "let down" by the Government's police settlement, which gave police and crime commissioners the green light to ask for an extra £2 a month per band D household.

Mr Khan told BBC London on Tuesday: "What I am doing is making sure I fill the hole left by the massive cuts in policing and I'll be announcing my budget this week in relation to what more money I can give to policing by raising council tax and other tools I've got in my toolkit."

Asked if he was going to "go to the maximum again", Mr Khan said: "I'm not going to pretend that I don't feel let down... If you listen to what his (Sajid Javid's) police settlement was.

"He gave us a bit of money to deal with a pensions problem they created and he gave us the power to raise council tax.

"It's a regressive taxation system to try and fill some of the hole left behind by a billion pounds worth of cuts so it's no surprise, I probably will be using the powers to raise council tax as much as I am allowed to do so to use that money for more policing."