A perception of crime puts people off coming to Croydon for a night out.

That’s the conclusion of a new report into town’s night-time economy.

The paper discussed by the Scrutiny and Overview Committee also shows that the night-time economy in Croydon has been declining in the past 10 years.

But examples of successful new entertainment ventures have  included Box Park, Ludoquist the board game cafe, Funhouse and Oxygen trampoline park, the paper reads.

It states: “After a steep decline starting in 2007/8 the number of people employed in Croydon’s evening and night-time economy has risen by just under 4% between 2012 and 2017.

“This is lower than the rise in London (17%) and the UK (10%).”

At Tuesday’s meeting, director of economic growth, Emma Lindsell, said weaknesses in the borough’s nightlife includes inconsistent lighting in the High Street, lack of late night public transport, vacant shops and litter.

She added: “Crime and the perception of crime makes some people feel that they don’t want to come for a night out in Croydon.”

Creative director at Croydon Council, Paula Murra, said she thinks the opening of Fairfield Halls next year will positively impact nightlife in the borough.

“Fairfield Halls will make the single biggest difference to Croydon’s night-time economy,” she said.

“The success of the new town square is more likely to be successful with a fully functioning Fairfield.”

Plans for a public space known as Queens Square in front of the town hall have been submitted by Chinese developer R&F Properties.

Ms Murray added: “There have been discussions about a university coming to Croydon.

“A feature of successful night-time economy is having a student population.

“While we do have a number of students living here we don’t have a university.”

The report states that young people between teh ages of 16-24 are drinking less than previous generations which changes the way people go out.

As part of the strategy, councillors have been going on arranged walks in the borough’s district centres as well as carrying out a survey which had 1027 responses.

Responses showed that drinking at pubs and bars is still a popular way to spend a night out with three quarters of people saying this is what they enjoy doing.

The most popular activity though was eating out which 89% of people chose.