Nearly two-thirds of investigations into burglaries committed across Wallington over a two-year span have been dropped by police.

From October 2016 to September, 312 of the 475 reported in the SM6 postcode area were “screened out and never screened in” according to data obtained from the Metropolitan Police.

“Screening out” is when the Met stops looking into a reported offence following initial assessments.

Beddington South ward councillor Mo Saqib, who obtained the stats via a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, has pointed the finger at the Conservatives and police funding cuts.

While Sutton Tories chief Tim Crowley admits the figures are “very concerning”, he's also hit out at the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and accused the Lib Dems of “scaremongering”.

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Your Local Guardian:

Cllr Mo Saqib

Liberal Democrat Cllr Saqib said: “These figures are staggering and show that Conservative cuts to police funding are clearly hitting Wallington.

“Investigations being dropped into two-thirds of burglaries in Wallington should tell us that Conservative cuts have gone too far and are putting our borough’s safety at risk.

“Sutton has long been a safe borough and our police are truly dedicated to keeping it that way, but they cannot do so if Conservative ministers continue to slash police funding and cut police numbers.”

The number of burglaries reported this year is down from last year – 224 to 181 – with November seeing the most (33) and April the fewest (10) in 2017.

Residents were worst-hit in November 2016, with 35 having been reported to police, as there are four months with 10.

Your Local Guardian:

Cllr Tim Crowley

Cllr Crowley, Sutton Council's opposition leader, said: “These figures are very concerning and are something we hear from residents across Sutton, many of who have little faith that reporting burglaries will make a difference anymore.

“The police need to take these crimes seriously and these figures demonstrate yet again that the Labour Mayor of London is failing when it comes to crime.”

“Contrary to scaremongering from the Lib Dems, new policing arrangements will soon see more officers on our streets locally and we urge our local Borough Commander [Jeff Boothe] to use this resource to tackle the concerns in burglaries.”

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He also called on Sutton's Lib Dem administration to “stop making excuses” for Mr Khan and “join us in starting to hold him to account”.

Sutton's Superintendent Colin Carswell said the Met is “committed” to slashing the number of burglaries committed in London, and “completely understand” the concerns raised.

He added: “All burglary offences are investigated. If an investigation reveals no specific evidential leads then a decision will be made as to whether or not to proceed any further.

“We communicate with victims and keep them informed about the investigations and why we have taken the decisions that we have.

“However, if further evidence of information is brought forward then we will carry out further investigations.”

A spokeswoman for the Mayor of London's Office insists “damaging” Government cuts have led to London losing 3,000 police officers, more than 3,000 PCSOs and almost 5,000 police staff.

She said Mr Khan has warned the capital risks officer numbers dropping to a 16-year low, adding: “Ministers must reverse the £1 billion of savings forced on the Met and start investing in youth and preventative services to help keep Londoners safe.”

Anyone has any information regarding burglaries or any other crime in Sutton should report it to police immediately on 101 or through Crimestoppers.