A new documentary by a south London filmmaker explores the effect of growing gentrification on the Croydon community.

Shane Duncan's 'This is Croydon' gives a voice to young adults, many of whom are at the heart of the thriving cultural scene attracting outsiders to a part of town previously overlooked.

Duncan interviews local residents, artists and businesses, dropping in with the staff at Croydon FM and visiting traders at Surrey Street Market.

"I wanted to shed light on a nationwide issue which isn’t being talked about publicly on a large scale like other current topics," he said.

"After educating myself about gentrification/regeneration I felt that I had the right tools to be able to open the eyes of others, so they could see what’s going on right under their noses without much delegation.

"The ‘This is’ series captures a moment of time that you’ll be able to look back upon and release how life in areas once was before it became too late to stop change from happening."

Duncan produced similar documentaries about Peckham and Brixton earlier this year, areas that have already faced many of the issues Croydon is just confronting.

Gentrification is clearly a conflicting issue for the community. Duncan's subjects want the best for the area of which they are so proud, but at the same time fear an influx of development could lead to it losing its essential character. Rising rent prices could drive out the people who give Croydon its uniqueness.

Duncan also interviews a property developer from the Silverleaf Group, Justin Owens. Owens, a Croydonite himself, gives a human face to what usually seems an impersonal force, assuring doubters that his aim is to 'leave a positive legacy.'

To view, follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QjRCE_jQNY