Following the council's decision to keep the stay and play sessions at Tooting Triangle, Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP has written to the council declaring her support for the children's centre.

The stay and play's future was hanging in the balance before the council meeting on Thursday, November 22. However, after the meeting it was decided an amendment would be added, putting the centre at the heart of future plans for the site.

Following the consultation, Dr Khan sent a letter to council leader Ravi Govindia and council chief executive, Paul Martin. In the letter she said: "This stay and play is a great asset for local families and is an integral part of the local community.

"Staffed stay and play for 0-5s is currently being offered three days per week and it is absolutely essential that this remains in the new contract. I understand that at the recent Finance Committee, it was not clear that this level of stay and play could be guaranteed going forward. Can I ask for assurances that the new contractor will be able to deliver this?

"Additionally, it is imperative that the two wonderful staff who make this centre such a unique and welcoming place for families are protected. Could I ask for a guarantee that they are safeguarded in any new contract?

"The closure of such a unique and endeared facility would be disastrous for the local community, so I urge the Council to consider their options diligently. Could I ask for a guarantee that Wandsworth Council have exhausted all possible avenues for financing the building?

"I would urge the Council to recognise that no decisions on stay and play at Tooting Triangle should be taken in isolation whilst consultation is ongoing across the borough on stay and play facilities."

The council’s cabinet member for parks and open spaces, Cllr Steffi Sutters, said: “These plans will ensure that not only does the Triangle get a new all-weather pitch and provide a permanent home to the local boxing club, it will also offer a bigger and better, secure and dog free play area for toddlers and young children, both indoors and outdoors.

“Parents and carers will still be able to bring their very young children to the Triangle and continue to enjoy the supervised play facilities and socialise with other mums, dads and toddlers from the area.

“Currently the building is only open for a couple of hours in the mornings three days a week. These plans will see the facilities available every day of the week, all day, from 8am into the early evening. The scheme will also see the replacement of the Triangle’s outdated and now frankly obsolete artificial playing surface, plus an improved and permanent home for the boxing club, allowing it to build on all the good community work it does, especially with teenagers in the area.

“And with the introduction of a new café and public toilets that can be used by people visiting the common, this is good news for local people of all ages.”