A water leakage is causing peak hour delays on the Southern line.

A speed restriction over defective track in the Wandsworth Common area is causing disruption to trains between London Victoria and East Croydon.

Because of this, Network Rail has advised that trains may be cancelled, delayed or revised.

A statement posted on the company's website read: "There are reports of a suspected track defect in the Wandsworth Common area which is affecting one of the southbound lines which is predominantly used for 'fast' services.

"The issue itself has been identified as a 'wet bed' which is a section of track where the ballast/sleepers become saturated through water contamination/leakage from either above or underground often resulting in a slight dip or reported 'rough rides' in the track as trains pass over.

"Some services will be rerouted via the 'slow' southbound line whilst others will be subject to a speed restriction whilst moving through this area.

"In either instance this is likely to cause congestion to services leaving London Victoria."