A Croydon MP has slammed a Norbury pawnshop for selling airguns to the public.

Cash Exchange, on London Road, displays hand guns and rifles in its front window, advertising itself as 'South London Airgun Centre.'

Steve Reed, MP for North Croydon, has written to the business, calling for them to stop selling the weapons 'in the name of decency.'

Steve Reed and councillor Janet Campbell

His letter reads: "It beggars belief that you have chosen to do this at a time when people across London, including in Norbury, are increasingly alarmed at the upsurge in violent crime across the country.

"Air guns are dangerous weapons.

"Most people, finding one pointing in their face, would not be able to tell if it was a real gun or not.

"Air guns can cause serious harm and injury to people who are shot with them.

"And it is a relatively simple process to convert an air gun into a lethal weapon.

"Last night, a few days after your window display appeared, the local Co-op store was held up at gun point. I fear this is no coincidence."

A rifle displayed in the shop window

Primarily a pawnbroker, the store doubles up an outlet for new and second hand 'airguns, air rifles and accessories.'

Airguns are legal in the UK, but can be only be bought by someone over 18. Any shop selling them must be registered as a firearms dealer and they can only be collected in person, rather than by mail order.

A handgun

The shop owner has been approached for comment.

Following a review drawing attention to the sale of airguns on the shop's Google page, a 'reponse from the owner' reads: "Your right we do sell Airguns products and are licensed by the Met Police to sell them.

"We have strict producers in place on how we sell them and if you would like more details about this please feel free to pop in so we can explain."