A grief-stricken daughter has issued a heart-breaking open letter to the “cowards” responsible for her father's death after he was viciously beaten outside his home in Wallington.

Carl O’Brien, known to many as Wurzel, was attacked on Roundshaw Estate, in Vanguard Way, during early hours of a December morning in 2016.

He was taken to a south London hospital but would die two days before Christmas that year, and a post-mortem examination gave his cause of death as a blunt trauma injury to the head.

Since then no one has been convicted in relation to his death.

The former Chelsea Football Club groundsman was 55 at the time and, one year on, police offered a £20,000 reward for information.

It’s now approaching the second anniversary since he died and his daughter Laura has written an open letter to those responsible as her family search for answers.

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She said: “During the early hours of Saturday, December 3, 2016, you launched a cowardly, barbaric, and senseless attack on Carl O’Brien – a loving dad, granddad, and family man known to his friends and family as ‘Wurzel’ – outside his home.

“He had only recently moved into the property. He opened the communal door to his block after hearing his bell being repeatedly buzzed and, after opening the door, was the victim of a violent assault.

“You punched and stamped on a defenceless man. You left him for dead. You ran away like the coward(s) you are and didn’t call for help.

“If your aim was to cause heartbreak, devastation, and misery to people who you do not know then you achieved this aim.

“You have robbed my dad of his life and caused him to have a painful death which he did not deserve. Before all this happened, my dad was happy – we all were.

“I was proud that he was my dad and I still am. He was the best dad, gentle, kind and a good role model.

“He was a friend to so many and a popular man who worked hard all his life to provide for his family. He is still loved and missed by so many.


“You have robbed his innocent little granddaughter of her granddad, leaving her only with photos and stories about their short time together.

“If anyone has information about the violent and unprovoked attack, I appeal to them to do the right thing.”

People with information regarding Mr O’Brien’s death are urged to contact police or the charity Crimestoppers.

A £20,000 reward is still available and being offered.

Laura and her family have published the letter and are set to distribute leaflets around Sutton railway station on December 4, from 8am to 10am and from 4pm to 6pm.