There is a new addition to the Tooting Market, and it has come all the way from Italy.

Years ago Gianni Perillo quit his job as a sales manager in Italy and moved to England on a mission to showcase his passion for authentic street food.

Three years ago he and his pocket pizzas conquered Greenwich and now he has made his way to Tooting.

But you had better not get his panzerotti confused with calzoni.

“Don’t even mention the C word," Gianni said.

"Panzerotti are the pinnacle of artisan Italian street food and the making of them is a science.

"It’s all about exact proportions, precision and the small detail."

Panzerotti are made from a 10 inch, thinly rolled sourdough pizza base which is crafted using the Caputo flour and has been given 48 hours to rise.

The base is then precision loaded with the perfect proportions of the finest, freshest ingredients, before being closed to form a crescent and then deep fried.

"Our special sourdough pizza dough is made fresh by hand each day and we only use the best locally sourced, organic produce," the owner of Panzerotto Blues added.

"The cooking method means our panzerotti are light with a terrific texture and they allow each individual ingredient space to shine.

"South-east London has definitely got a taste for them so we’re excited to be part of Tooting’s buzzing food scene. Just watch out McDonalds.”

The store opened on Monday earlier this week and will operate every day except on Mondays.