An Epsom dad has been left distraught after a tree surgeon chopped down the “beautiful” redwood tree in the communal garden near his home today.

John Plumpton, 53, who has been living at the Cressinghams for 17 years, said: “I’ve got pictures of my sons going to school in front of that tree.

"It’s extremely upsetting.” 

The dad said he rushed home after he was alerted to the presence of a tree surgeon in the communal garden near his home by his wife this afternoon (November 27).

He told the Comet he initially considered climbing up the tree or sitting in front of it to stop the redwood from being felled, but it was too late by the time he got home. 

Mr Plumpton warned the tree surgeon that he had called the police, according to Shenda Canacott at Latchmere Properties, the company which own the freehold on the land.

She said: “I have spoken to the gentleman this morning. 

“I did sympathise with him but it’s not in his garden. It’s nothing to do with him. Like I said, any tree surgeon always checks that they’re able to fell trees. It’s their duty. 

“The tree surgeon was on the phone to me saying the tree was dying.” 

She added: “The resident said he called the police, but I don’t think he did because they didn’t come.

"He was extremely upset”