A young Michelle Obama fan from Croydon has called out her idol for the steep price of tickets to her speaking tour in a written letter.

Seven-year-old Monét-Alexis Aldred, from Purley, was shocked to learn tickets for Mrs Obama's appearance at Royal Festival Hall had rocketed in price just minutes after her mum Simone Frazier attempted to buy a pair.

Tickets to the 2,700 capacity venue were snapped up by touts, who began reselling them on websites such as Viagogo for as much as £7000.

Monét-Alexis' letter, sent to Mrs Obama's publisher, read: "So, my mama was thinking to surprise me to see Michelle Obama and the problem was that the price had gone up to £600 just for one ticket!

"Come on Michelle Obama! You can do better than this! Where does the money go to?

"I hope all the money goes to young kids like me to become great writers like you.

"I love reading and writing and that's why you really inspire me.

"I love you Michelle and I really want to see you face to face one day!"

The letter

Mrs Obama is promoting her highly anticipated memoir, 'Becoming', appearing in conversation with acclaimed novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Ms Frazier was gutted she couldn't surprise her daughter by taking her to see her inspiration.

She said: "For a little black girl to see what Michelle has done is her lifetime is amazing. It means everything for us to see that’s possible. I’m always telling her to dream big, don’t be a follower, be a leader.

"I just wanted to surprise her. I thought it would be so great to see an icon like Michelle.

"But within a couple of minutes they were gone. Everywhere sold out and the resale was just crazy.

"It got me thinking it's just not plausible for a working-class family. Even if I could afford one it would be crazy."

Michelle Obama

While the Southbank Centre set prices between £30 and £125, touts were quick to drive prices up to unaffordable heights.

More than 50,000 genuine fans competed for the tickets, but were left disappointed.

Resale website Viagogo, which takes a cut of up to 25% of the price, had one ticket on sale for £72,181.

The Croydon Guardian has approached the Office of Barack and Michelle Obama for comment.