A panel of speakers gathered on Saturday to discuss how young people in Croydon can be empowered to reach their potential.

ReachOut2All, run by Marian Adejokun, brought together chief superintendent Jeff Boothe, Croydon's young deputy mayor Shea Williams, CEO of Croydon BME Forum Andrew Brown, Reiss McCarthy, junior journalist Abbianca Makoni and others to debate how youths can be given a voice through their talents.

Ms Adejokun said: "Young people get caught up in an endless cycle of violence, stabbing and shooting each other as a way of expressing themselves, which is devastating.

"They are crying out for help. At the end of the day, our youths feel hopeless and believe there’s nothing to live for

"ReachOut2All youth event highlighted key issues about youth violence, parents and young people, local authorities and young people and government and young people. These are the areas young people find challenging to deal with on their own. 

"This event gave them "A Voice" to be heard. Most importantly, for necessary action to be taken with the right approach and support in place for our young people."

Mayor Bernadette Khan provided her own words of encouragement: "Reach for your dreams. Nothing is impossible that's my philosophy from where I come from.

"If you have that approach you will succeed."

The initiative aims to 'collaborate with youth organizations that are aware of any areas the youth feel they need support and provide 1:1 support with experienced and qualified professionals.'

Marian also launched her clothing brand at the event titled B-Royal "Believe in Yourself and Follow Your Dreams."