A 24-year old single mum has said she has been forced to put up with “horrible” accommodation in a hostel with “faeces on the walls” despite her concerns it is unsafe for her baby.

Amber Slamaker, from The Bittoms, was told by Kingston Council today (November 23) she must stay in Saxon House or arrange her own accommodation.

She said: “I have a 7 month old son and what they are trying to force me and my child to live in is horrendous.

“They have said they will put us in a single room, which doesn’t have space for a cot and is riddled with damp, drug addicts and there is faeces all over the floors and walls.”

Ms Slamaker, who suffers from panic attacks and anxiety, said she rejected another offer of accommodation in Hounslow so she could be nearer to her friends and family in Kingston.

She said: “I stayed there on two nights of the whole week because I had panic attacks. I have severe mental health issues and anxiety.”

A Kingston Council spokesperson said: "Our temporary accommodation is regularly reviewed and meets the needs of families requiring urgent housing whilst we try to find them a permanent home. Demand for all forms of housing in the borough is extremely high."