Richmond and Twickenham best and worst train stations for on-time services have been ranked – and this is how they have performed.

OnTimeTrains, which was launched last year, analyses how many of the millions of journeys commuters make are on time.

It rates both the busiest stations in England, Scotland, and Wales as well as their performance – which is calculated based on service punctuality and cancellation frequency.

Ones with high scores have services which leave and arrive on time with a low rate of cancellations.

These figures are taken over a period of time, in this case 12 weeks and compared to stations across the UK. In Richmond, Whitton Station ranked the highest nationally while Fulwell was the worst.

Richmond Station serves the most passengers per day (36,310) while Fulwell serves the least (1,163).

Below is a list of all Richmond's stations ranked – from best to worst – in the past 12 weeks, with their rank against the other 2605 stations UK-wide in brackets:

  1. Whitton (938)
  2. Barnes (1,059)
  3. Kew Gardens (1,098)
  4. Richmond (1,133)
  5. Hampton Court (1,227)
  6. Barnes Bridge (1,252)
  7. Twickenham (1,356)
  8. Mortlake (1,617)
  9. North Sheen (1,714)
  10. St Margarets (1,735)
  11. Teddington (1,771)
  12. Strawberry Hill (1,822)
  13. Hampton Wick (1,902)
  14. Hampton (2,076)
  15. Fulwell (2,107)