The MP for Esher and Walton has resigned from his post as Brexit Secretary, saying he could not in “good conscience support the terms proposed for our deal with the EU.”

The news comes after Theresa May announced she had secured the backing of her cabinet for her draft Brexit agreement with the EU.

Dominic Rabb released a statement on social media this morning, in which he said: “I believe that the regulatory regime proposed for Northern Ireland presents a very real threat to the integrity of the United Kingdom.

“Second, I cannot support an indefinite backstop arrangement, where the EU holds a veto over our ability to exit.

“Above all, I cannot reconcile the terms of the proposed deal with the promises we made to the country in our manifesto at the last election.”

Several ministers have spoken out against the Prime Minister’s 500-page Brexit Plan and called for a revolt on the Tory backbench.

Jacob Rees-Mogg said the deal would see the UK hand over £39 billion to the EU and receive "little or nothing in return".

Conservative MP Anna Soubry tweeted: "Raab's resignation marks the end of PMs Withdrawal Agreement.

"This is v serious the PM will clearly be considering her position. My own view is that we need a Govt of National Unity and we need it now."