A resident took to social media to complain about the rubbish blighting Kingston’s streets, which he says has gotten worse recently.

Paul Mowatt shared a picture on Facebook of two large wheelie bins on Eden Street full to the brim and cardboard boxes, bottles, containers and plastic sheets strewn onto the ground.

He said: “You would be forgiven in thinking that Kingston on Thames is one of the wealthiest boroughs in the country when you see this sort of disgraceful mess.

“This is the area behind Santander on Eden Street where the small car park is. It’s by no means a ‘one off’ I have seen this getting worse and worse over the last few months”.

Kingston Council has been made aware of the fly tipping mess in Eden Street and said the area was not its responsibility as it is on private land.

A Council spokesperson said: “The team has confirmed that we are aware of the issue. The fly tipping is on private land and therefore the responsibility of the owner.

“Kingston First work with businesses in an advisory capacity to ensure that they manage their waste properly and the council and its street cleansing contractor clear fly tips on the public highway.”

Kingston First has been contacted for comment.