Identical twins from Croydon have set up a vegan food stall, serving Caribbean food.

Kareema and Kaleema Shakur-Muhammad have both worked as chefs for over 10 years in some of London’s top restaurants.

After a long battle with health issues, Kareema transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle, with Kaleema following suit shortly after.

Now up and trading full time for the past four months, the twins serve approximately 150 Croydon residents per week at Surrey Street Market, across three days.

Looking to the future, Kareema and Kaleema said: “We aim to open the first Caribbean plant-based café in Croydon, employing local people who struggle to secure employment.”

There are an estimated 540,000 vegans throughout Great Britain, with many switching to a healthier lifestyle following growing concerns around obesity in the UK.

With an Instagram following of over 2500 followers, Kareema and Kaleema post photos of their dishes as well as regularly uploading videos showcasing the preparation of their weekly meals.

To try the signature dish, Curried Jackfruit, a twist on the classic Jamaican dish, Curried Goat or a variety of other dishes, visit the Twins on either Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays.