Residents of The Cedars estate in Epsom have been left scratching their heads, after two giant baseball mitts were dumped in their communal garden at the weekend.

The brown baseball mitts are heavy chairs made of plastic which are approximately 5 foot wide and 3.5 feet high.

One of the residents, Steve Froud, said he has been looking to track down the owner of these baseball mitts, ever since they magically appeared in his communal garden overnight.

According to Mr Froud, the baseball mitts were abandoned in his communal garden on Church Street overnight between Saturday night (November 3) and Sunday morning (November 4).

He said: “I looked them up and they are quite expensive.

"These mitts cost US$1,200 each. Of course they may have been dumped by the owners not realising the value.

“Police looked and said there’s nothing that’s been stolen with that description. They said you can obviously do what you want with them.”

He added: “I think it’s funny, but some of the residents are a bit bent out of shape about it. I don’t know why. Go and sit on it and have a coffee.”

Staff at the property management and letting agent Direct Residential, which manages this estate, said they did not know how the baseball mitts ended up in the communal garden and have contacted the landlord to investigate.