The first public sculpture of Vincent Willem Van in England is to be installed next week, and it is all thanks to a former Wimbledon student.

Anthony Padgett's design will now stand in Brixton's Van Gogh Walk.

The artist said he felt honoured by the recognition.
"It's an honour and privilege to produce the first UK public sculpture to such a loved artist," he said.

"I'm sad that he didn't receive the appreciation he deserved in his lifetime but feel that somehow he's still present in his work and still comforts people."

But it hasn't always been easy going for the former Wimbledon School of Art student.

Despite already having his work featured in galleries, museums and libraries and libraries around the country, he said things have always been tough.

"I have struggled in my life as an artist," Mr Padgett said.

"Van Gogh struggled with mental illness, to find lasting employment, with relationships and to get recognition for his artwork. 

"Despite all this he produced beautiful paintings with very great depth of feelings.

"Like so many people who love his work, I connect his struggles to my own and his vision of beauty has inspired me to find real meaning and hope in nature."

The work is part of a year long project 'A Year With Vincent' by the award winning artist.

This piece is Padgett's second public sculpture in London, the first being of 1920s poet Humbert Wolfe at Eccleston Square Gardens, near Victoria Station.