South Norwood residents will march in silence to show solidarity with victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Earlier this week six men, two from the area, were arrested after footage emerged of them burning an effigy of the tower at a bonfire gathering to a cacophony of laughter.

The South Norwood Tourist Board (SNTB), who organised the event, say they want to “apologise for the idiots in our midst” and “show that they don’t speak for us”.

A SNTB spokesperson said: “It has become apparent today that the people of South Norwood want to take some immediate action to support Grenfell and oppose racism.

“On the 14th of every month Grenfell United organise a silent walk in memory of those who died.

“SNTB are suggesting that next Wednesday November 14 at 6pm we stage a silent walk in South Norwood to coincide with Grenfell.

“Let’s show Grenfell that we stand with them and are sickened by the actions of a small minority in our area.”

The route for the march is yet to be confirmed.

A total of 72 people perished as a result of the blaze in the west London block on June 14 last year.

On Tuesday police raided the Norhyrst Avenue home of two of men arrested, Clifford Smith, 49, and Bobbi Connell, 19.

It was revealed yesterday that the two men are members of the South Norwood Conservative Club (SNCC), a social society for conservative supporters.

They have since been suspended by the SNCC, as police investigations continue.

Neighbours and the wider community have condemned their actions, raising questions about their characters.

A 77-year-old neighbour said: "They always seemed a bit nationalistic. Who has a flag of St George flying on a flagpole all year round?

"If you fly a flag of St George permanently at the back with a flagpole, I should imagine you are pretty committed to your national identity. Perhaps it's Brexit.

"It's a shock and it's disgusting. You must be a bit loopy."

Steve Reed, MP for Croydon North, said: “I’ve met many of the Grenfell survivors and continue to work closely with them to secure justice.

“They lived through an unspeakable horror in which many of them lost family members.

“They deserve our love and our support, not the mindless hatred and twisted disrespect this family has shown.”

The march will take place at 6pm on November 14. 

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