Environmental campaigners are calling for Croydon council to ban the use of controversial weedkillers with links to cancer.

Weedkillers containing glyphosate, which campaigners claim is carcinogenic, are used by the council throughout the borough's streets, parks and playgrounds.

Several European countries, including Holland, Denmark and Sweden, have banned or restricted the use of glyphosate by local authorities, and Croydon Friends of the Earth is urging the council to take the initiative.

Peter Underwood, Chair of Croydon Friends of the Earth, said “The council should be doing its best to provide a clean, safe, green environment that we can enjoy without putting our health and the health of our families at risk.

"That’s why we are calling on Croydon Council to ban the spraying of weedkillers containing glyphosate in our streets, parks, and playgrounds.”


Weedkiller being sprayed

In February 2019 the council is taking its landscape management contract back in house.

Friends of the Earth argue that this is the perfect time for the council to implement a ban.

The World Health Organisation recently stated that glyphosate, the active ingredient in many weedkillers, is “probably carcinogenic to humans".

Recently a US court also ruled that agricultural company Monsanto, who manufacture the common weedkiller Roundup, was responsible for causing the cancer of groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson, awarded millions of dollars in damages.

Mr Underwood added: “We would like a ban to be brought in as soon as possible.

"There is little spraying that takes place over the winter and so as a minimum we think the ban should be in place before spring."

A council spokesperson said: “Products such as Glyphosate are subject to a rigorous and highly regulated approvals process before being permitted for use in the UK and manufacturers are also required to provide “Environmental Information Sheets” for those who use them to comply with.

“As part of our insourcing we will be looking at the different options available to us instead of Glyphosate.”

To view the petition visit: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/stop-spraying-toxic-weedkillers-in-croydon