Sutton is nearly 34 years behind its new annual house building targets – the fifth longest in all of London – according to new research.

The borough was set a Government target to develop 1,774 homes by 2026 last September, and 4,576 have been built since 2001.

But an average of just under 400 properties have been developed during the past five years, according to data obtained from the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).

This means Sutton could be almost 13,491 homes short of their required needs in eight years’ time.

And research by modular smart homes provider Project Etopia published this week (November 5) says, if this doesn’t speed up, then it would take 33.8 years to eventually get there.

That’s the third-slowest in south London, behind Kingston (40.9) and Bromley (35.1), and fifth-slowest across the capital overall.

London boroughs have fallen more than 19 years behind their house building targets, identified as part of the MHCLG’s 10-year plan in 2017.

Project Etopia chief executive Joseph Daniels said: “It is frightening that so many boroughs are already 19 years behind where they need to be.

“If the pace is not rapidly picked up, we will be in an even deeper black hole in 10 years’ time than we are in now.

“The housing need is plain for all to see, but not enough is being done about it. There is an air of complacency — everyone knows we need to build more houses and fast, but not enough decisive action is being taken to ease the crisis.”

Mr Daniels, who believes fresh ideas are “vitally needed”, added: “There are faster ways for councils to build homes, retain quality and prevent house building deficits growing further — all of which is offered by modular housing.”

A Carshalton development in Fellowes Road was officially opened earlier this month, the first time in almost 30 years - with 11 two-bedroomed and four three-bedroomed homes.

A Sutton Council spokesman said: "Just last week, we unveiled the first newly building council housing for 30 years.

"For many, years the means and funding to build new social housing was removed from councils and it was housing associations that were expected to deliver the housing.

"In 2012, councils were given back powers to build and, in Sutton, we leapt on that opportunity to truly meet the needs of our local community.

"Using HRA [housing revenue account] borrowing and retaining right-to-buy receipts, we are delivering 93 homes across three sites."

Here is the top 10 list for councils across London by years, with their annual housing targets in brackets;

1. Redbridge - 82.5 (2,981)

2. Enfield - 44.5 (3,330)

3. Kingston - 40.9 (1,527)

4. Bromley - 35.1 (2,564)

5. Sutton - 33.8 (1,774)

6. Richmond - 31.2 (1,709)

7. Havering - 26.7 (1,821)

8. Merton - 25.7 (1,585)

9. Bexley - 25.5 (1,723)

10. Barking and Dagenham - 24 (2,089)