Kids were given a fright this Halloween when not one – but two – witches scared them at this Carshalton "cauldron".

The witches' home in Stanley Square, which is said to have been a popular attraction over the past several years, saw “hundreds” of people visit this time around.

Pictures show how how the home and garden was filled with spooky stuff - complete with cobwebs, tombstones, body bags and hanging dolls for the occasion.

This year Winifred's sister Zelda came to stay, unbeknownst to children who often visit from afar.

Eleanor Bunyard, who helped to set it all up, said: "The children absolutely fear for their lives, it's hilarious, their parents will stand at the fencing.

"This year we've had children come to the door, the door will creek as it opens and we'll peep around the door and the children will see us.

"We get adults walking back from work that we'll chase up the road and they'll run with fear for their lives. The ugliest witch will come out and she'll scare the children, little puppy dogs will come along and she'll say, 'a puppy dog tail for my cauldron!'.

"You get the ones that try to be all bolshy and say, 'I'm not scared of the witch' but the one funny thing about this year with her sister being there was that the sister ran round the cars and scared them."

Despite the equal amount of “tears, screams, grazes to knees, and laughs from parents”, she heralded it as a “witchy success”.

Since then people have come back to the home to show their appreciation and support - some with sweet treats such as cookies.

Eleanor added: "It's absolutely great fun, absolutely fantastic."