Police are searching the South Norwood home of a father and son arrested after a video of revellers laughing at a Grenfell Tower effigy going up in flames was shared online.

The men were identified as Bobbi Connell, 19, and Clifford Smith, 49, who live in a terraced residential home on Norhyrst Avenue.

They hosted a bonfire night party on Saturday night attended by a family and more than ten people where they filmed themselves taunting victims of the fire last June.

A black Jaguar X-type with an England flag emblem on its front registration plate and with QPR branded hanging accessories was parked on their home's front porch.

Neighbours could not see the party but said it lasted throughout the evening and ended at about 9.30pm.

The pair are thought to have pulled down their St George's Flag and laid it in their back garden because of the public outrage to the video.

A 77-year-old neighbour said: "They are the only one's on this street with a St George's Flag.

"I recognise them. They are clowns as far as concerned.

"The flag was still up on Sunday night - they must have took it down because of the furore.

"They always seemed a bit nationalistic. Who has a flag of St George flying on a flagpole all year round?

"There was about ten or a dozen people - there was a family there with kids and it sort of all ended about 9.30pm.

"If you fly a flag of St George permanently at the back with a flagpole, I should imagine you are pretty committed to your national identity. Perhaps it's Brexit.

"It's a shock and it's disgusting. You must be a bit loopy."

A mum-of-two and retired primary school headteacher, 58, who has lived on the street for 14 years, said she saw the video this morning.

She said: "It was awful really - it's horrible to think it's people living really close to you.

"I know they've got the England flag - St George's flag in the back garden.

"It's the only one I've seen in the whole street.

"Seeing the flag I would say that's what it's about. You do suspect they are nationalistic when you see that flag. ON the other hand when the football's on people might want to put it up."

The headteacher, who wished not to be named, was concerned children would see the video on social media.

She said: "I would not want a child to see that and that's why we have keep educating them at school about what it's about to live in the world together.

"They just come across as being really callous, ignorant and in a sense you would want to ostracise people like that.

"They don't seem to be part of our community - they seem like outcasts to me behaving like that.

"It just keeps reminding you we need to instil our children with common decency.

"It's just disappointing and every now and again you come across people like this.

"I never never noticed anything like that since I've been here."