An Epsom and Ewell councillor has warned a pothole budget could be a “waste of money” if Surrey county council does not “get its act together”.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer used his budget speech on October 29 to offer a £430m fund to local highway authorities to repair potholes and carry out maintenance work.

However, an Epsom and Ewell borough councillor has warned providing extra money for potholes is a good start but won’t solve the problem.

Speaking to the Comet, Cllr Jane Race said: “It’s great the government are getting more money for help with potholes.

“But the problem is that the way the county council are dealing with potholes issues is so wasteful that I am concerned it’s a waste of money.

“If you ask the council to deal with potholes they just fill it in and the pothole goes back to where it was within a couple of weeks. It’s just shoddy workmanship.”

The College Ward councillor added: “It would make more sense if the county council can get their act together and have a plan on how they are going to tackle the problem.

“At the moment, it seems that the jobs that are done are done poorly. As a local councillor, if I go to the county about roads in my area that need to be done I have often to send multiple emails."

The councillor released photographs on social media of a pothole on Downs Road which she said has reappeared after it was filled in.

A tweet published today from her account reads: “Throwing extra money at the problem is a good start but won’t solve the problem. @SurreyCouncil is hopeless at addressing the issue.”

Cllr Jane Race said: “There’s one pothole in one road in my area and and I have sent countless emails and they still haven’t done anything about it.

“Downs Road is a very well used road. Lots of people will use it. It’s not a cul de sac.”

Surrey county council has been contacted for comment.